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Eugene Chrinian – Licensee of Ashley Furniture HomeStores

Eugene_Chrinian_AshleyEugene Chrinian is a veteran of the furniture industry and has been working in the furniture industry since he moved into the workforce. Tempted by the idea of joining the great economy of the time, Eugene Chrinian moved to Middletown, New York in order to work as a salesperson of a local furniture company. There he began to learn the furniture business from the inside out, and was quickly promoted to store manager.

When Eugene Chrinian began his career as a sales associate, he envisioned to one day open his own furniture store and to give individuals who shared his same drive and determination the opportunity to achieve financial success. When Eugene Chrinian opened his first furniture store, Factory Direct Furniture in East Rutherford, he felt blessed with the opportunity to realize this hope of his.

Beginning his own Company

As Eugene Chrinian began his venture with Factory Direct Furniture, he managed the entire operations of the store, executing everything from managing the products to assembling the furniture, and sweeping the floors. As time went on, Eugene Chrinian learned by trial and error, and realized how each decision he made had a direct, visible, and lasting effect on his customers, his team, and his company.

Through managing the store, Eugene Chrinian developed an acute sense of leadership, and began building the foundation for what was to become the guiding mission for our company. Eugene learned that by striving for value in the products, reliable and friendly service, and a sales approach that emphasized customer satisfaction and relationships over a high pressure, money centered sales focus, that Factory Direct Furniture would be a great place to work and shop.

Factory Direct Furniture later opened up three more locations, and in time, each store became an Ashley Furniture HomeStore. Today, Eugene Chrinian owns and operates thirteen Ashley Furniture HomeStores in the New York and New Jersey metro area, as well as a 150,000 sq. foot distribution center in Edison, New Jersey.

Ashley Furniture HomeStores

Ashley Furniture HomeStores serves a diverse and discerning clientele. Ashley Furniture designs, builds and delivers furniture that caters to a wide variety of customers, and offers quality furniture at an affordable price point.

Ashley Furniture offers its customers the best value in home furnishings, and strives to have the best industry leading design, manufacturing, and distribution efficiencies. While at the same time offering superior service from the time you are browsing extending beyond you’ve made a selection.

Ashley Furniture

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Eugene Chrinian keeps a continuing podcast on topics of extreme importance to him: Leadership and Philanthropy. To hear more news headlines as well as standout topics and discussions on leadership and philanthropy, visit Eugene Chrinian’s SoundCloud page, and look for video presentations on his Vimeo profile.